Mark Falcon

Husband, Father, Engineer, Teacher

Welcome to our little piece of the web. Expect to find introductory bytes of information on Family, Faith, Fitness and Technology.


Umass - Dartmouth Electrical Engineering

My Focus - Software Algorithms, Voice and Speech Processing and Antennas and Propagation


Engineering/Technology Teacher Somerset Middle School

Currently teaching Robotics, Engineering and Technology to grades 6 through 8. Hold licenses in Engineering/Technology Chap 74, Instructional Technology Chap 70 and in the process of obtaining Digital Literacy / Computer Science Chap 70.


Endurance through Calisthenics

Started running early in life, then got organized about it with 4 years of high school Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track. After that I entered the landscape of multi-sports with Duathlons and Triathlons after being challenged by some cyclists and swimmers. Around that time I also started upping my bike mileage which lead to completing bike centuries. Off-seasons in New England allowed me to explore my -Endurance athlete with a lifting problem- issue which has now flourished into a very healthy obsession with Calisthenics.


Local, Organic, Sunlight

Started in high carb world like probably everyone else in multi-sports but now I'm predominantly low carb with local with eggs, poultry and (my favorite)ruminant based proteins. I'm also an organic, no-till gardener who is always looking for better ways to replenish our depleted soil. And while doing all that, I enjoy as much Vit-D as possible from our God given Sun.

Currently Investigating...

- GalliumOS
- Metabolic Autophagy
- PinePhone
- NextCloud
- Takahashi method

Family Project

So while this whole 2020 thing happened my boys wanted to know what it takes to create an online video series. No one in our family has ever done something like that so we started talking and bouncing ideas off each other. The idea of it being based around one of my son's Christmas Hamsters came up and the next thing I knew we had tons of ideas but still no idea how to do them.

So Join us as we build sets, edit video, design costumes, do silly voices all while having fun learning the process.

Contact Info

Email: My first name at this domain

Only place to find me online is Strava. I do sometimes create accounts for trying out new technology but they usually don't last long before I close them.