Tough Profile


There have been many things to comment on lately but I now wait to see what really needs to be commented on versus joining the internet massess. For example, the Trump Admin changed the laws on inporting asian solar panels. Many think this was a horrible idea. My engineering brain, and third party voter, paused and went over the facts. Trump wants to make us great again. He wants everything made in the US so people will have jobs. So if they cut subsidies on import panels wouldn't that be a God send to American makers? Didn't Trump just help create a new market for American only makers? And if so isn't this a good thing? On the negative side, how far behind is US in the global solar market? If way back there then maybe he pulled the trigger a bit too early.

The Amazon store is a neat idea that solves a huge problem of wasting time inline but the outrage was a bit much. Plenty of my stores offer self checkout. They have you on camera, know your card and personal info, etc, etc, so for me it was the next logical step. Would I shop there? I may not have a choice since they now own Whole Foods. But the concept of dealing with a computer while shopping versus some kid who's more interested in their phone then my order does peak my interest.

I know I've said this before but the whole concept of turning my X200 into my main machine by way of the ultrabay is getting more and more likely. Speed so far is what I need especially since I switched out some lighter resource programs for some of the more mainstream but heavier. For example, ClawsMail is now my goto email tool. Waterfox so far has done well but for something even lighter I installed QupZilla, again we'll see how it works.

New Year Same Spin


I guess news outlets have learned nothing about actual reporting. Seriously the way they are handling the James Damore lawsuit is almost as funny as how they covered it when he first got fired. If you recall a certain site initially only posted the written part and intentionally left out all the reference links Damore used. I.e. he did research, and quoted from it to support his theories. You have some outlets leaving out his screen captures showing how some with conservative views are treated, how some people have black lists and won't work with conservatives, and on and on the list of things goes. On the crazy side it seems their HR supported this type of behavior. Then you listen to another outlet and they tell a different story which sounds nothing like the first. Why couldn't they just quote from the actual lawsuit and then have some legal eagle comment on the validity of the accusations. Instead you have nothing but spin and slant from all sides.

I also love how it feels to come in and have a nice warm beverage.

I know, I'm not normal.



I'm sorry but I truly love snow.

I love how it dampens the sound so when you go out for a walk, it's beyond quiet.

I also love how it feels to come in and have a nice warm beverage.

I know, I'm not normal.

Day 2


Hello world

My new blog in all its simplistic glory.

Yes, yes, yes, I know, engineers shouldn't have simplistic websites. They should have a bunch of wiz bang stuff that makes you go Oooohhhhh and Aaaahhhhh. That's nice in concept but I never was the flashy gui guy. I was always the guy creating the DB and code that actually ran the site while the photoshop expert made it look nice. Now that I don't have the time to properly maintain a DB and all the rest, I do this kind of development instead. I.e. Static sites that load ultra fast. In turn I can work more on things in the real world like robots.

So happy new year and all the rest. Lets see what stirs the imagination this year.

New Year - New Blog


Hello world


More testings.

This is the end.