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New Blog - Dec 23

Work continues on next year's blog page. If you have been reading along you'll know I looked around and found my current work flow met my lazy standards. I even looked into my home page a bit to see if I could improve that but I'm now to the point that I want to work more on things behind the scenes rather then in front of them.

So simply put the minute I can find a CSS file, that I like, and falls under an open source license, I'll be done.

Links:Mr. Robot Firefox extension

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Dumb Move - Dec 19

By now you have probably seen the news regarding the makers of Firefox pulling the bone head move of the year by installing an extension on some users browsers. Let me be clear, they did the installation themselves, this wasn't a bait and switch. No this was just them installing the app because apparently they were working with the show in some way and got paid; or so I've seen reported. If that is wrong please send me a link to a story proving this as wrong and I will be happy to update this post.
To say this puts the entire Mozilla foundation in a much different light is an understatement.

Links:Mr. Robot Firefox extension

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Dev Stuff - Dec 11

I think I already posted this but I got a question via email asking what SW I use to maintain this site.

On linux:

PortableApps via USB stick on work/other windows machines... Notepad++ Filezilla

Its been like a week since I last logged onto tweetdeck. At one point I had a few people on that platform to talk gardening, linux, training, but they all seem to be on FB now. That's another reason I don't join Mastadon, it's not a bad platform, I'm just bad with social media.


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Square Peg - Dec-6

While I see the value of Markdown and such, I find myself forcing the issue to use it instead of just using my current design flow. And if I want to use it in the way I would like, I'd need to change how I plan to run my site. At one point it was via php includes. I'm really struggling to see why my site, with it's very low hit rate needs a Jekyll or something like it. I guess my perfect set up would be this PHP class that gets called to -convert- my markdown file to html so I can fit it into my own site with it's own CSS.

My ThinkPad X200 is now up and running Mint 18.3. Yes, yes, Yes I know I'm not a real Linux user unless I Stage 1 it or generate my very own fstab. I apologize but my install was done in less then 40mins from start to finish. And that meant I could take the Thinkpad into the cellar with me to watch GCN as I spun on the trainer.

As for the ThinkPad, there is a docking station with an extra SSD in my future.

Oh and of course, an extra battery.

Now I just need to keep it away from my kids

Links:Games yeah, Office, whatever.

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New Format - Nov-14

I gotta work on this site's theme. Seriously, I need a common theme. No excuses.

I'm about to become the proud owner of a ThinkPad X200. Plan to upgrade RAM to 8gigs, replace old platter HDD with an SSD, then get an UltraBay dock with SATA HD Adapter for a second SSD so when I dock, it will backup each time. All this for less then 325.

Running linux of course.

Best part, brand new replacement battery......20 bucks.

Actually best part is how easy it is to find parts, replace stuff, fix stuff...heck you can even control your bios via libreboot.

Links:Crucial says Upgrade Now!

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Long Time - Nov-13

Long time since my last post. Alot has happened. Started watching Scott Adam vids, dipped my toes into the LBRY pond, started taking a hard look at, been using Vivaldi alot more, pondering TunnelBear, Bitchute, and Gab. Not to mention I've been wondering if BlockChain is the cure to what ails the INTERNET at the moment. I just wish wish wish wish I could understand why the NYT prints some of the stories they do.

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Just Stop - Sep-28

It's amazing to watch how the current, totally polarized nature of politics has seeped into the health arena. Gone are the days of civil discussion. Now you can see youtubers screaming vulgarities at people they disagree with on a regular basis. How is this suppose to help anyone. Please just stop screaming, and start talking.

Links:Mediterranean diet

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DRM-Net - Sep-18

I guess we should have all seen it coming. The Internet, when it first started, was wonderful. Then the marketers got a hold of it and it all went down hill fast. So I applaud the EFF for doing the right thing by resigning from the W3C. But I will point out I that I am not a member of the EFF and will probably never be.I believe they go too far sometimes. For example the whole "video taping first responders" thing. From a parent perspective I don't want my child being video taped by anyone but that angle has yet to be considered. They are only concerned with the responder. Yes I understand they are talking about public spaces but I think personal privacy trumps all that when it comes to families.

Will the Doogie browser gain traction...discuss.

Links:EFF leaves W3C

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Less - Sep-17

Was asked if I have any plans to try Crit racing. Here are my reasons for saying No:
1. Price, from what I have seen, I'd rather just do road races. 5Ks, 10k's.
2. Not a fair playing field. Too many races group 4s and 5s together.
3. Getting injured/damaged equip because someone else took a chance for glory and took you down is not something I want.
4. Crits are not individual sports, work better with teams. Prefer outcome determined by me and me alone.
If everything I have read about Amazon removing 1 star reviews from a certain losing candidate's book are true, I have alot less respect for them for pulling such a lame stunt.


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Food for thought - Aug-24

I hate sound bytes but in this case my statement is rather straight forward. Being told there is only one way to eat when the evidence proves otherwise only proves you are ignoring the evidence.

....Will DTube turn out to be something? Discuss.


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De-G-ing - Aug-22

I started to de-google myself a while back but got pulled back in because I use it at work. Well I think it's time to take another attempt at limiting my google product usage. Heck I'm even looking into modding my android a bit more.


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Missed Opportunity - Aug-17

I wanted to do this whole well researched entry where I took a really good look into the whole tech gender thing. I wanted to discuss:
Nurture vs nature argument?
Are both sides representing bias against the other?
Has society pushed certain genders into certain fields and away from others?

But all anyone wants is sound bytes. So I gave up on the whole idea.

Instead lets talk about something really important like why I keep hearing about Fish.


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Thought Police - Aug-8

To begin, there is no manifesto.
The Behaviorist Manifesto (1913) issued by John B. Watson in opposition to the introspection method in psychology is a manifesto. A good tech example would be -The GNU Manifesto (1985), by Richard Stallman, an explanation and definition of the goals of the GNU Project.

The title of the memo is....
Google's Ideological Echo Chamber
How bias clouds our thinking about diversity and inclusion

Sundar Pichai "First, let me say that we strongly support the right of Googlers to express themselves, and much of what was in that memo is fair to debate, regardless of whether a vast majority of Googlers disagree with it. However, portions of the memo violate our Code of Conduct and cross the line by advancng harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace."

So you fired someone who expressed an opinion on the subject of diversity because the opinion they expressed you disagreed with.
From - Diversity: 1. variety; multiformity. 3. The inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation, etc.: diversity in the workplace. 4. a point of difference.

What ever, It's your company.


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Plastic - Aug-2

It's amazing what you find when the music industry is not used to find new music

They are called Octafonic and to say they don't sound like anyone else is the truth. Ok some of their songs fall into that category. I obviously haven't heard everything they have done so far, but they are a fun listen, minus the pop stuff.

"You're so plastic".


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Still a thing - July-27

Was going to do a post about some Catholic's view on D&D but I can't find any posts that don't include personal responsiblity as an issue. I'm sorry but you can obsess over anything IF YOU LET IT. Eating, exercise, work, hobbies, etc, etc, etc. So yes, D&D is still a thing. Move on nothing to see.

P.s. Noticed alot of posts about LOTR vs D&D so I included a few links to monsters from LOTR.

On the subject of obsessions for people, was told a certain vendor has Lucky Charm Milk shakes. I'm sick just thinking of it.


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De-Zen-o-zizing - July-24

To start, I apologize to anyone reading this who may think I am insulting the Art and Way of Zen. That was not my intent; especially with a made up word. No I did some searching and found there really is no word that fits my intended usage so I made a word up. But why? Allow me to explain.

A number of years ago I use to go mountain biking in a local forest and everyone knew that at two different stream crossings, either man made or not, I would stop, ask for quiet to enjoy a moment of Zen. Meaning a moment of tranquillity that allowed for all of us to enjoy the sounds of flowing water. Now keep in mind mountain biking, cross country style, is not the loudest thing on the planet. Yes there is the occasional squealing brakes, gears shifts and heavy breathing. But for the most part it's pretty quiet. Well as luck would have it local dirt bikers somehow decided to start using trails they were not suppose to use. Because of this the sound scape of the forest was immediately changed. Not to mention the trails, many of them were forever ruined. ( I could do an entire post on fair trail use but .... lets just say it only takes one dirt biker with a heavy throttle hand to forever ruin trails. The same trails I personally worked on.) Once this occurred, my streams lost their Zen.

The same thing happened on this year's vacation. While my family and I were taking our yearly canoe trip we found that our moments of Zen had been taken away. Canoeing is not a very loud activity but we still make sure to stop paddling and enjoy the moment. But not this year. This year was a tipping point. Making it all the worse, it wasn't even an overflow of our fellow Canoe-ers or Kayak-ers. No it was the inner tube folk and campers. Instead of just laying on the inner tube and enjoying the quietness of nature, they bring radios, alcohol and rope. The radios bring noise, the alcohol brings more noise and questionable behaviour and the rope brings...chaos. Because the rope allows them to tether everyone together including the drinks carrier. Picture if you will a large group of adults, drinking for 3 to 4 hours straight, in the baking sun and I'm sure you'll get the mental image I'm creating. Not everyone acts like this but when you add in the local campers with their lawn chairs positioned in the middle of the river and you can see why one women was heard to say, "next year we come in Sept to avoid all these summer people." The icing on the cake for me was trying to pass a large group of tubers as we all went by some campers each having multiple people smoking. It's like all the worst attributes of a large city brought to nature.

Maybe it's time we find a different river to enjoy.


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Standards - July-11

This is the problem with not spending all my time outside. To start, part of gardening is weeding and given how I'm currently typing, those little buggers are currently growing. But after a very hard day in the garden I decided to come in, grab a drink and quickly, or so I thought, look at my twitter feed. Now keep in mind, I'm not the biggest twitter talker. Some would describe me as a twitter mute. Actually there use to be this "program" that would take a look at your feed and sorta rank you on a bunch of metrics. You know, stuff like how much your feed is supposedly worth, are you gaining or loosing followers.....and how active you are. And yes I was labelled a mute. Why? Because I really don't have alot to say in just 140 chars. We'll get to that in a minute but first, how the internets have reacted to the W3C and MS, Google and Netflix's attempt to standardize DRM.

The internet obviously went nuts with the news that the W3C was essentially "convinced" that adding a DRM standard is a good idea. To be honest this little game of "who controls the net" has been going on for some time now. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that large companies, who make tons of money selling people the same stuff over and over in different formats want DRM in the worse way. What really surprised me is why Disney is not listed anywhere. Seriously, if any company is about controlling content way beyond any reasonable copyright, even stuff they didn't actually create, they are it. What's funny is this has already been tried before. DeCSS anyone?? Or the Sony music CD rootkit thing that could be bypassed with a single button push. So as you can see, none of this behaviour is shocking, strange or new. And in my deeply and completely wrong opinion, it won't work but that won't stop them from trying. Because it all comes down to greed. Large companies are never satisfied with their earnings and have shown alot of questionable behaviour in the past and they will continue to do so until someone or something takes away this power.

Solution: Don't buy their product.

As for my lack of speech in a 140 char world...I tried but it doesn't work. Twitter is for sound bites and little more IF you don't further investigate. On the few times I've tried, people have used websites to support their opinion only to see that data disproved yet they continued to spout their sounds bites. So if you need me, the sun is out and I will be in my garden.

Ebooks and Wired

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Straw - July-2

Even though running my son's robotics team was a huge time sink and really put me behind on my garden I am happy to admit, it looks pretty good now. Somehow I've cleaned things up, de-weeded, planted and watered properly enough that things are growing quite nicely.

I've also found a new source for straw because after trying many, many different things to prevent slow weeds, straw for me works the best. Coca shells were ok but the price and availability became a serious issue. Grass clippings worked ok but they would decompose so quick especially if we had alot of rain. Once that happened the rain would just bring tons of additional weeds from the clippings.

Oh and I haven't forgetten to create a link to each entry, I started messing around but I just haven't spent any real time on it. See above.

Almanac on Straw

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Intermittent - June-29

To say that intermittent issues are a huge pain would probably be the understatement of the year. Well I got one of the network variety. Get this. Internet was going in an out. So I called my ISP who I should say handled the issue with near perfect customer support. Sometimes a bit overly happy to help but it's better then what they are known for. So we get the new modem all settled in and everything now works. That's when the fun began. Now I have this crazy intermittent thing which I cannot figure out. NO seriously, one second I'm watching some streaming thing and then it just stops. So I hook my laptop directly to their modem. Net access. Then I connect directly after my SmoothWall Firewall box. Net access, no issues. Then I connect to the switch, which the SmoothWall box runs, and Nothing. NO ip, no access, nothing. Then while I'm trouble shooting, it comes back on without anything changing.

Random: Why are there so many people smoking outside of hospitals?


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Trust - June-22

So Whole Foods is now owned by Amazon.....I honestly don't know what to say.

Heard on local news that parents are putting so much of their life online, they are now receiving parental shaming from others who disagree. Another result from the world of social media.

Was asked by a friend if this thing I write up sporadically will cover politics. Not really unless some stuff is so beyond dumb that I just have to say something. Personally I'd rather stick to God, tech, sports, food and stuff like that.

For example, if you are looking to receive emails with daily scriptures, I'm subscribed to -Word of God everyday-.You can also find them on twitter at the same handle.

One of my recent favorites: "My Heart trusts in God, and he helps me." Psalm 28:7.

Another one I kept in my inbox: "Trust in God at all times." Psalm 62:8.

WoGe twitter

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More of Less - June-18

I'll admit it, I liked my new set up at the start but as I use it more and more I started to want something.... even simpler.

To start I wanted the head to be more like a Linux/Unix CLI. So I initially thought of CDE on Solaris. Then I thought I needed yellow, or maybe white, for the font to really make it look cool. So as you can see, things got changed.

Father's Day gift was the board game Risk; a childhood favorite. I remember all the great battles I used to have with family and friends back in the day. So naturally the family started a game with my gift. If I recall correctly, everyone playing at the start would not allow anyone else to just pick continents given their bonus troop value. So when we started picking territories, I was marking everyone until I noticed both sons and my wife were just working towards continents. All three were just allowing the others to pick what ever they wanted and as a result I was scattered. The game is about 1/4 the way through and it doesn't look good for Dad at all. Youngest has Nearly all of both South and North America. Oldest has Aussie, and almost all of Asia while the wife pretty much controls Europe. I on the other hand can barely hang onto Africa. Luckily my wife and oldest have finally realized how much of a mistake everyone has made in allowing the youngest to control the America's but I fear it may be too late. I'm hoping to gain full control of Africa back, harden it's boarders and decide what to do next if I last that long.

Board gaming with family - You just can't ask for a better father's day gift.


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Swinging Back - June 17

(1497726630) Holy Cow, did a few searches and found out minimalistic web design is now a real THING. Could the days of bloated, security issue filled websites be on the way out?

In no particular order: Jekyll, Hugo, Middleman, Hexo and a whole bunch more. I like the idea/concept buuuuuut it kinda breaks my system. Create anywhere, on any system even one I don't control.


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Split Done - June 15

(1497552291) Threw some CSS together to make the words split. Er, right. Header should be split now. Tested on Chrome, Opera, FF and that other thing MS calls a browser.


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Self - June 14

(1497465835) Instead of high stakes testing how about we just test our kids on personal responsibility?

(1497489013) I want to keep this web thing free of javascript or Python or --insert your favorite here--. So I hacked the header with spaces. I hate it because, well, it's a horrible solution. Gonna look into a CSS way to pull it off. two boxes inside of the header IDs should work if one has left align and the other right.

This whole getting a used ThinkPAD thing is getting out of control. Sooooooo many choices. I even posted my request for guidance to Bryan Lunduke for his Linux thurs show. Even if he has no insight maybe the commenters will throw out some ideas. There are alot of smart Linux people out there, I'm hoping one of them will take pity on me and throw me an idea bone. ;-)

Linux Lunduke

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Linking Lights - June 13

(1497403201) Ada Fruit's Circuit playground looks like a good hook for students. Might pick one up.

Just noticed, I failed to make each Brain Purge "linkable". Need to fix that now before I have too many entries.

Was asked how will you handle file size for this page. It's currently 10.5Kbits so I think I'm fine for a while. Easy solution would be to create a new one each year.

I guess that means I need to update the header to include such things.

Note to self: Add link, add year to header.

Fruity Circuit Playground

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Fault - June 12

(1497302723) Ok I'll admit it, my old NetGear wifi router is pretty much near the end of it's supported life and should have been replaced long ago. But then my ISP gave us these new routers that came with ready to go wifi hotspots and I got lazy and started using, depending upon them, and that was completely dumb on my part. I'm am currently in the market for one that will allow me to take back control of all our digital things.

To the Geek community, please forgive my moment of lazy weakness.

(1497315640)Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. Was asked why I have no plans to see WW movie by a guessed it... a women. Now before I finish the story keep in mind, WW lived on an island that DIDN'T allow men. So I answered, "Batman is ok but I'm not a DC guy." The response was classic. "Oh so you will watch him but not her." Thankfully a women, and former collector like myself, stepped in and cleared the air. "He's saying that he doesn't like most of the DC universe which includes men and women." The look of confusion was priceless. She didn't even try to explain I'm a Marvel guy and there are plenty of women in that Universe. I even considered a Secret Wars reference but it would have been lost.

(1497316651)If Rainbow Stream supports lists I might just have to try it. Seriously, how cool is twitter via a CLI?

Secret Wars

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Time slots - June 11

(1497228388) Not surprised, didn't come in from the garden to watch Vex thing.

But I did get all my tomatoes and peppers into the ground so it's all good.

Next up, getting the drip line installed and finally finding this years supply of straw to mulch the garden boxes.

Seriously, I wanted to see it, I was there in KY with my IQ team, but I'm not going to sit inside when I have so much to do outside. Guys, once you run it live, wait a bit then post it to your site. It's 2017, the days of only running something at a certain time are dead.

I wasn't going to say anything but seriously, who hired this guy? (quick DuckDuckGo search and voila) Oh, now I understand. And he also worked for who? When? Just Wonderful.

Sent to me by many people - Functional Python. Free book. Interesting.

JC info, IF true.
Functional Python

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None of them - June 9

(1497032963) Funny watching fan sites call new device an "Amazon Echo Alexa competitor" or a "Google Home competitor". Been a while now since they released something first.

As for me buying any of these smart speakers, don't see that happening.

So do I take the plunge and try the new geek hangout Mastodon? To be honest Diaspora kinda ruined my outlook on start up social networks. Not to mention I'm barely on twitter any more. I honestly don't see me going crazy on the Mast. Maybe when summer ends and I'm spending more time indoors AND it's a bit more mature I'll reconsider.

(1497033893) CBS will be running their coverage of Worlds this Sun the 11th at 2, I think. I'm guessing it will be more EDR then IQ. Hope they post it to their site so I can time shift my viewing.

Speaking of which, my team thinks the new game Ringmaster has a lower entry push some rings around, but a much higher top end because of the collection, sorting, lifting, dispensing and driving all with just 6 motors. Should be a fun design process.

Vex IQ RingMaster

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So much, so little - June 7

(1496881260) Want Or Need.

PocketCHIP - Want

Nintendo Switch - Want

New cordless phone - Need

More time with family - Want and Need

More time outside in my garden - Want, want and want to go with Need, Need, and Need.

A front hub that makes my bike slower - I'm slow enough, don't want or need.


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Media Clueless - June 6

(1496757736) I've reached the point where anyone who uses C-duh-NN as reference to prove their point will be removed from all of my social media. Unless of course it's another example of how inaccurate/fake they are.

The current violence issues in GB make me emotionally sad.
The technically inept things being spoken by GB politicians makes be technically sad.

Without encryption there is no: Shopping, FTP, email, military secrets, pretty much anything with a login requires encryption. Make that good, solid, encryption. Yet these people want coders to create back-doors on everything. We already have massive issues with on-line security as we attempt to secure the internet the right way. Forcing coders to write broken code will only compound the issue. Not to mention, bad people can write their own programs or just hack into the programs that have back-doors already built in. But then again, the internet is just a bunch of tubes so it really doesn't matter.

(1496799943) Matthew 19:26

(1496800313) I've got an old netbook that is running Xubuntu but the battery is dead. It's the perfect travel device, given how small it is. But if the battery can't be replaced then I may have to find another linux laptop. I don't need a pricey one just enough for pictures, web, mail, you know the light stuff. So I'm wondering if there is a used ThinkPAD in my future. Under $200 would get me a real nice one.

Linux on ThinkPads

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Weeding Out - June 5

(1496677911) It's nice to leave the phone inside and become one with the garden outside. Not to mention outside is always better then inside. It's also amazing how much my Robotics club time/effort has affected my garden. One could say it's inversely-proportional. The more time I put into robotics, the less time I have for gardening. Trust me, my garden looks horrible at the moment. ;-)

The ability to tell annoying --politicos--, "I don't care about your whining/blaming, I voted third party", is beyond priceless.

This new system is working out great. I carry my USB stick around with me that has this file on it. When something hits, I fire up Portable Apps, start Notepad++, and add to my html file. When I get home, drop the file on my server via FTP and voila, done.
Heck if I can get the ftp working off my sub stick I could update from almost any connected computer.

(1496684784) When I find out people I care for are being forced to travel twice the distance they were hired to do, it makes me think businesses should be forced to compensate these people for lost time, wear and tear, added stress and all the rest. Maybe if you associated a dollar value to messing with people's lives they would actually think things through before screwing up people's lives.

Portable Apps

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New Start - June 2

(1496427716) So why did I stop blogging? Because it became a hassle.

(1496428325) I tried to force myself into a format of perfectly written entries that drove me freakin crazy. Instead I should have just stuck with my sporadic entry policy....spelling an grammer mistakes an all.

I also forgot who my audience was...ME. I blog...ok.....I'm going to stop using that word...I code to capture what I find. I code to say what I want to say to see if my opinion changes as I learn. For example, as a triathlete you don't need carbs. 10 yrs ago I would have never said that but after a nice long journey, today I can say it without issue.

Epoch Unix Time Stamp Converter

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Again? - June 1

Do I start again?

Politics has driven me from blogging.

I hate CNN