Falconportal.com's terms and conditions disclaimer.

In a perfect world this page would not exist. Problem is we live in a world that more resembles something H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King wrote about, and since the word Sue is no longer a proper noun but a verb, I give you my terms and conditions for the entire site. Any time you see the word visitor or commentor, that's you, any time you see the word site, website, or page that means Falconportal.com and I, him and me is me Mark.

Who owns and controls the site?

I, Mark Falcon, along with my wife, own this site and it's domain. At this very moment (when I typed this stupid page up) we did not accept advertising dollars. We accept all the prayers, best wishes and support you can send us because you can never have enough of that but as for money, nothing. This could change in a micro-second depending upon who's giving us the money. When that moment occurs we'll decide whether to make it public or not. Basically you'll just have to trust us. Next, since I write everything on this site except when people leave comments in the blog, I control it.

What will I be reading on this site?

You are reading the views and opinions put forth by me a married Catholic who goes by many names: father, triathlete, geek, Python addict, spaz, etc etc. Given my background I could say things (Windows Sucks), called opinions, that could anger you enough (Apple's Suck and are over priced) to say terrible things to my fish. Please don't, he didn't do anything to you. I could also say things like Linux Rules!!!! that you agree with. (Hey stranger things have been known to happen) Either way nothing I say is to be taken as the absolute fact on any subject (Trust me windows really does suck) no matter how much research I did (Ok Ok Apples are just over priced). Simply put I have my likes and dislikes and given how this is my site, I plan to share them with you from my point of view. (honestly I don't care what os you use, I just like to annoy zealots.)

Would you like to complain about the posts on this site and email me? I'd prefer you just not read it.

When people leave comments on this site what am I going to see?

Problem solved, I deleted them all.

Will the links take me to a bad place?

The simple utopian answer is "Not if I can help it." The complicated answer deals with the reality of the internet meaning, "sorry but I just don't know." I know you may not like that answer but it's true and you need to be aware of that fact. Sites, meaning everything but Falcoportal.com can change owners practically overnight turning a perfectly good Christian site into one that is best never visited. If I find a site linked from Falconportal.com that has done something of this nature I will try my best to remove it ASAP but there are no promises. In fact in a worse case scenerio, a good link turned bad could remain forever. To finish with this section, and just like with the comment section please use common sense judgement when visiting any site linked from here.

You stole something from me!!!

I use to host a podcast, I don't any more. I want to make this perfectly clear, all music that was played, (except for background noises, music, humming, etc which I sometimes cannot control) had been obtained through legal channels, which in most cases means with the artist direct or indirect (creative commons) permission. If you feel that your work was improperly used by Falconportal.com then I can snail mail you all the prints out from all the artists giving me permission.

Final thoughts

The Falconportal.com website was created to make you think, cry, listen, laugh, scream and a few other things that have yet to be named. If the blog postings, comments, scriptures, pictures or anything on this site makes you ill, sick, tired, or dizzy, I strongly encourage you not to visit ever again. We're all adults here and when it comes right down to it, we all take responsibility for our own actions. If you act like an idiot, you'll probably be deleted. If you act mature and discuss the issues properly, things will go well.